Vielka has lived all over the world in London, Panama, Spain `1and NY, before moving to Miami. You’ll find her at our front desk and she enjoys gardening and buying/selling antiques in her spare time.


Monica has worked as an assistant in our office for over 20 years and loves taking her family on outdoor adventures across the US.


Leyla is one of our hygienists who lives in Miami Beach, loves to travel the world with her husband and two kids. She participates in the Orange Blossoms Hygiene Study club every month.

Dr. Rodger Aidman

Dr. Rodger Aidman, a native of Akron, attended Ohio State University with a major in Cell Biology.  He graduated from Emory University School of Dentistry in 1974. After several years working in Public Health he began his 40 year association with Dr. Phil Glatstein. In June of  2017, Dr. Aidman sold the dental practice to Dr. Brian Nitzberg. He continues to work by appointment only and truly enjoys his time with so many longstanding patients. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and performing live on the keyboard with his band, Mac and the Ringbinders. Dr. Aidman is author of the novel, “Summer of ‘63.” Rodger and his wife Susan have two children. They became grandparents in 2014 when their beloved Aiden was born. Dr. Aidman was inducted into the Miami-Dade College Hall of Fame in 2015.


Joanna is originally from Chicago and a die-hard Bears and Cubs fan. She greets everyone with a huge smile at the front desk and she specializes in helping our patients with any insurance claims.


Maria has assisted in our office with Dr. Aidman for over 30 years and loves jamming out to 80’s music.


Lilly attended dental school in Cuba before moving to Miami and she is also an acupuncturist. She has two boys and has worked in our office for over 15 years.

Dr. Phil Glatstein

Dr. Phil Glatstein was the founder of our practice and built the building we are in today. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he served in the marines as a dentist before moving to Miami. He traveled the world doing dentistry for underserved people in Mexico, Vietnam, Israel, and along the Amazon River. Every day we remember him and try to continue his legacy of providing patients with the best possible care and support.