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Dr. Nitzberg’s grandfather, Dr. Saul Nitzberg, started practicing medicine in the local area in 1959 as a hematologist. His father, Dr. William D. Nitzberg, followed in his footsteps in 1985 as a cardiologist. Now, as a third-generation health-care provider, he has shifted his family’s focus to dentistry.

Cutting-Edge Technology & High-Quality Materials

At Miami Best Dental in Miami, FL, we understand the pivotal role that technology and quality materials play in delivering comfortable and natural-looking esthetic restorations. The newest equipment and up-to-date procedures allow us to deliver better safety, better comfort and better results for you. We utilize technology such as digital imaging, laser dental treatment, intraoral cameras, 3-D milling and printing models & restorations, computer scanning impressions and pain reducing anesthetic devices. We only use the finest porcelain and restorative materials.

Patient Conveniences

Your time with us should feel smooth and enjoyable, which is why we work hard to accommodate everyone’s personalized needs. We offer almost all dental procedures under the same roof, which our patients absolutely appreciate. We keep appointments running on-time for your convenience and provide prompt, yet thorough care. When necessary, we will open our doors earlier or work later hours, including weekends if needed. Dental emergency? Dr. Nitzberg will ensure your dental problem is solved as soon as possible. Also, unlike many practices in Miami, we have plenty of convenient parking for you! As you can see, we do our best to make your visit as easy-going as possible.

Our Location

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