Miami Best Dental

Comfort. Convenience. Care that puts you first.

Painless treatment, convenient hours, up-to-date technology, & friendly team members – everything we do is done to make your dental experience exceptional.

What makes us different?

  • Personalized Relationships
  • Cutting-Edge Technology & High-Quality Materials
  • Dental Expertise
  • Patient Conveniences
  • Comfortable Environment

At Miami Best Dental, we treat you like family. We care about each patient as an individual and will take the time to listen carefully to your needs and desires. We enjoy getting to know you as a person too! We enjoy hearing about your life and are genuinely concerned for your overall well-being. Handwritten letters, follow-up phone calls — we value our relationship with you, and it shows.

Dental Expertise

Dr. Nitzberg is well-experienced in the dental field and performs each exam or procedure with great attention to detail. He takes the time needed to properly diagnose with the aid of the newest technology. This allows him to determine problem areas with accuracy and precision, followed by solutions with high-quality results.

Comfortable Environment

How you feel during your visit is a priority to us. Our kind and friendly team works hard to create a welcoming environment where you can feel at ease. We offer everything from pillows and blankets for your comfort to television and music for your enjoyment. We also work with a gentle touch to ensure each service is as painless and comfortable as possible. Our patients look forward to their time with us.

Cutting-Edge Technology & High-Quality Materials

At Miami Best Dental, we understand the pivotal role that technology and quality materials play in delivering comfortable and natural-looking esthetic restorations. The newest equipment and up-to-date procedures allow us to deliver better safety, better comfort and better results for you. We utilize technology such as digital imaging, laser dental treatment, intraoral cameras, 3-D milling and printing models & restorations, computer scanning impressions and pain reducing anesthetic devices. We work with several of the best dental laboratories and technicians across the United States. We only use the finest porcelain and restorative materials in order to ensure that everything is beautiful, accurate and, most importantly, looks natural. We continue to invest in these advances with our patients in mind.

Patient Conveniences

Your time with us should feel smooth and enjoyable, which is why we work hard to accommodate everyone’s personalized needs. We offer almost all dental procedures under the same roof, which our patients absolutely appreciate. We keep appointments running on-time for your convenience and provide prompt, yet thorough care. When necessary, we will open our doors earlier or work later hours, including weekends if needed. Dental emergency? Dr. Nitzberg will ensure your dental problem is solved as soon as possible. Also, unlike many practices in Miami, we have plenty of convenient parking for you! As you can see, we do our best to make your visit as easy-going as possible.


  • Positive Attitude – We look at the bright side. We take things in stride and seek joy in everything we do.
  • Honesty – We inform each patient of all of their treatment options. We don’t over-treat or recommend unnecessary procedures.
  • Hospitality – Helping our patients feel welcomed and comfortable is our number one priority. We greet with a smile and remain attentive to our patients’ needs.
  • Friendliness – We develop caring relationships with patients and with each other. We are pleasant, respectful, and upbeat.
  • Comfort – We have an excellent chairside manner and are eager to help each patient feel at ease physically and emotionally.
  • Hard Work – We put forth our best effort. We use our time wisely and put in an honest day’s work.

Vision statement

Our goal is to improve the lives of those we serve. We accomplish this as we provide high-quality dentistry in a welcoming environment that reduces fear and builds trust. Building personal relationships with our patients will be key. We will get to know them on an individual level and listen to their concerns. In all our interactions, we will be kind, honest and respectful. We will treat our patients like family. Our patient-focused approach and genuine care will help our patients feel valued and cared for. The end result will be a growing practice with patients that look forward to their visits.